Who are we?

For the people who don’t know who we are. We are Paul J. de Ridder and Yme Gorter. We have been best friends for almost a decade and work together as a team in the creative industries. Earlier this year Yme went on a sabbatical and is traveling the world right now while Paul is setting up a new exciting project back home.

Yme had just left Kathmandu when the earth quake struck Nepal. We immediately felt like we had to do something instead of just being armchair activists. Yme is now in India and planning to go back to Nepal the 4th of May. However, we can’t do it all alone and we need your help. Yme has asked two befriended med students from India, Shubhankar Tiwary and Shadab Khan, to join him and together they want to give aid to the people in the larger Kathmandu area. Most foreign-aid will focus on city of Kathmandu but we feel like the people in the surrounding villages need our help just as much.

We have not concrete plans yet on what we will spend the money raised. However, we’ll allocate it to the best of our abilities. Yme will keep a video blog about the events and write regular updates. Paul will give the support from Holland and will raise the funds.  More updates later.