Because this is not your regular aid website we have written a small FAQ of the questions we have had so far.

Where can I donate?
You can either make Paypal payment to pjderidder@gmail.com or make a direct bank transfer to YJW GORTER at bank account ABN AMRO: NL75 ABNA 0618 5769 40.

What type of aid will you be providing?
Depends on what people need. Food, medical supplies, shelter, tents, labour, blankets etc. Yme will decide for each mission in Nepal on what the money is best spend on. However, it is not just money. We will also try to help out in other ways where possible.

What have you done so far?
We keep track of all the things we do on this website. Just have look at the blog to see what we have done so far.

For how long will you be doing this?
We have no real idea yet, at least a few weeks.

Will you be doing this all alone?
No, we are gathering people to help us out. So far it is four of us: Yme, Paul, Shubhankar, and Shadab.

Will you be working with other aid organisations?
Yes, we want to help where we can but we are no experts. For example there is a local NGO that helps us out with having the correct paperwork in Nepal.

Why are you guys doing this?
We believe that sometimes you just have to do something.

Why would I give you my money?
Because a 100% of the money that you give us ends up with the people who need it. We pay for our own expenses and all the money donated goes directly to the people in Nepal. Big aid organisations have much higher running costs. Thereby, we’ll try to go where others don’t.

Why is the PayPal account on your name?
Setting up an extra back account and additional Paypal account requires a whole lot of other steps from going to the house of commerce to writing up a legistive document which consumes a lot of time and money that is better spent differently.

Why don’t you guys use a Crowdfunding website?
We thought of doing it but most of the crowdfunding websites ask a rather high premium. This means that some of the money you donate would go to the platform instead of to the people in Nepal. If one you knows a good crowdfunding website that doesn’t ask a high premium, do let us know.

Can I be of help?
Totally, give Paul a shout at paul@paulandyme.com.