Tomorrow I will leave the peaceful mountains of Dharamsala behind and take a night-bus to New Delhi. From there I should be able to catch a train to Gorakhpur which is about 90 kilometers south of the Indo-Nepal border. There I’ll meet up with Shubhankar, who told me that already several refugee camps have been set up there.

We are planning to head to Nepal through the borderpost of Sunauli. Besides Kathmandu, virtually all Indian aid resources are entering Nepal through this transit point.

I’ll have to get a new visa. That might be a problem since just got one about two months ago. However, I figure that if I mention I’m going to help with the aid effort I should be fine. Worst case scenario I can just walk right into Nepal since there are almost no borderguards. Obviously, I’d rather not do that.

In Nepal Shubhankar and I are planning to either join a group of medical students who are heading to a village or we’ll meet up with Shadab. Regardless, we’re planning to cross the border in four or five days.

Written by Yme